Spring Bloom Kit

As a small person, when you asked your Mother what she wanted for Mother's Day do you remember what she said? I do, my Mother always told me she wanted something handmade. As a Mother myself, getting something handmade from my kids never gets old, in fact, my kids are 22 and 25 and we still exchange handmade gifts.

I am happy to pass this tradition along to you with beautiful Spring Bloom earrings your Mother will fall in love with. Here is the good news, these earrings will not disintegrate like the Macaroni Necklace you made her in kindergarten nor will they turn green. These earrings are keepsakes that your Mother will cherish forever. 

How it works

Once you purchase your kit, you will receive an invitation to the Virtual Jewelry Make Party for the scheduled time and date. To prepare for the party, get your comfy jammies on, make  bowl of popcorn to virtually share with your friends (you get to eat the leftovers) and don't forget calories don't count during Pandemic! Grab a glass of wine, or two no one is judging and click the handy dandy link we sent you. Voila you are in the party where the cool kids are.

Level of expertise- easy peasy

The kit includes

Two originally designed Little Bridget Jewelry sterling silver Spring Bloom pendants, two sterling silver ear wires, two sterling silver headpins and two beads of your choice.

Tools you will need

Two flat nose pliers and one round nose plier, you can order these from any craft store for under 20.00.

Virtual Make Party Date

May 6, 2020 5:00PM MST

If making isn't your thing, you may purchase these earrings already made, click here.


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